Stop Idling!

When your car is in "P", #TURNitOFF!

When you're not in your car, or when you're waiting at an airport, school or drive through, turn your car OFF. When you leave the engine running on a vehicle that's not moving, it's called "idling."
Americans who drive internal combustion cars waste more than 3.8 million gallons of fuel by idling their cars, EVERY day in the USA.
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#TURNitOFF (and on and off) when waiting to Drive Through

Idling not only wastes money and fuel, it also contributes to local air pollution, respiratory disease, and global climate change. It doesn't burn extra fuel or harm your engine to turn your car on and off repeatedly; in fact it cuts down on engine wear and tear.
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Give a kid you love a T-shirt, cleaner air, and a planet to keep living on.

Use the link below to purchase children's T-shirts and share the message about idling.
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When your car is in "P", #TURNitOFF!


Kids T-shirts say "When your car is in P, TURNitOFF!
Idle Threat, Man on Emission, humorous Award Winning Documentary available for presentation to your audience
Idle Threat, Man on Emission, humorous Award Winning Documentary available for presentation to your audience
Idle Threat, Man on Emission, is a humorous Award Winning Documentary available for presentation to schools, educators, civic/neighborhood PTA's, Scouts, religious orgs, senior groups.
Idle Threat is the true story of a colorful international banker, George Pakenham, whose New York City neighborhood was becoming overwhelmed with exhaust from vehicles parked in the streets with their engines running. Knowing the City had a strict 3 minute idling law, Pakenham took to the streets with clipboard, business cards, and "Candid Camera" style crew, to politely ask motorists to obey the law. Some amusing encounters take place.
Pakenham, armed with his statistics and footage, led the charge of community and environmental groups to NYC government, to have the laws enforced.
Call 315.640.9082 or email to arrange a viewing.

Earn Sweet Rewards when you #TURNitOFF!!

When your car is parked, or standing, and you turn off the engine, three good things happen. First, you block harmful greenhouse gas from entering earth's atmosphere!  Yay you! Every gallon of fuel burned by an ordinary car or truck engine pumps out about 20 lbs. of carbon dioxide. And you just stopped that from happening, a little bit. So thank you, from the earth and all its inhabitants!

That's when the second good thing happens. You can GET a reward! If someone sees that you have turned off your car while you wait, they can give you a treat or a token for something delicious and special! Because you're just that wonderful! You helped people avoid more lung disease, heart disease and asthma. And you helped to keep our planet cool. So yes, you deserve a little thanks and a reward. Stores, banks, schools, churches, businesses, parents, doctors, teachers, friends, people like you will keep an eye out, so they can give rewards to people who TURNitOFF.

That's when the third good thing happens. You can be famous, a little or a lot. Use social media and the hashtag #TURNitOFF to entertain people with pictures or video showing you getting or giving a reward, or showing what you did while your engine was off. Then your picture or video can win a prize. The good things keep piling up!

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